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Tulokset Tarinat
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Tulokset Tarinat Kuvia!
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Tulokset Tarinat Kuvia!
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Yours Truly 50k


Sunday Jan 28 and Sunday Feb 25

A fascinating collection of "home-made" runs anywhere on earth!
Come and join us in the winter fun run!

This is an honour system fun run. You won't know who you are running against untill you read the results. You can run (or walk) anywhere as long as you use a pre-measured course and start and complete your run on one of the dates given. If you choose to run on both dates, both runs will be mentioned in the final results. The results and stories will appear on Internet in this website. The result list will be updated daily as the results start flowing in.

Please report the following details:

1. Your name, age, place of residence and nationality
2. Your time (exact to the second)
3. Brief description of your route/course
4. Weather conditions (include temperature range)
5. Most interesting aspects/details of experience

Location: ANYWHERE!
Course: your choice (roads, track, trail, indoors ...), any 50K route
Entry Fee: NONE!

Here are the rules:

1. Run or walk 50k on 28.1 or 25.2. On both days you have 24h time to pass 50k.
2. Course and location: anywhere, your choice (roads, track, trail, indoors ...), any 50K route

3. Entry Fee: NONE!

Yours truly 2018 is twenty-eight international competition.


... how this is REALLY working???

  • You can start your run earliest 28.1 (or 25.2) at 00.00 and you must finish at the latest 28.1 (or 25.2 if you run in february) at 24.00. So you have 24h time to run. Time starts running at the same time when you start and will finish when you have run 50k. You can have breaks if you want. Your time will be the time between start and finish.

    Example 1. You start at 05.00 AM and you run till 09.00 AM. Totally about 35k. You come home and take a shower, eat and watch TV for couple of hours. At 01.00 PM you continue your run. You run those missing 15k:s and finish at 03.00 PM. You have used totally 10h to run 50k, that is your result.

    Example 2. Your mother-in-law is coming to visit, so you have decided to start running immediately after breakfast. You start at 11.00 AM and finish finally 50k at 08.00 PM. Your total time is 9h :)

    If you have pictures according to your Yours Truly and you want to share them with others, please use Instragram hashtag #YTRUN2018.

    Yours truly half, 25k

    If you would like to participate to Yours truly, but 50k is too much, you can also run 25k. Rules are same that with Yours truly 50k. I offer this Yours truly half, 25k because Yours truly is a very special event and I want to offer this experience also to those who can´t run 50k at that time of year.

    How to report my result?

    Please report your result by using this form. Just add your information and click Add result -button. I have to accept all result, so it will take some hours before you can see your result on the result list. By using this form I can update result list and stories much faster than earlier. Of course if you want to add several results then you have to fill that form several times. You can use copy-paste to make it faster. Or after you have send your result you can click Back -button, change runner´s name etc and send result again. In this case you don´t have to fill all fields again.

    If you have some photos and you would like to share them with other runners use Instragram hashtag #YTRUN2018.

    This year we have also Facebook group where you can join and share your story and pictures with other runners. You can find that group from here: Yours Truly Facebook Group

    Add your result:

    Add your result here!

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    Yours Truly results 2018

    Hope to see you in Yours Truly 50K!